The case for Uruguay

I still remember killing a rainy afternoon in Costa Rica over two years ago by simply trying to name as many countries and their capitals as my memory allowed. Of course, the non-boring factor of this rather straightforward game was my friend competing against me, but after we both realized our geographic orientation was pretty much on the same level, we started collaborating on filling the blanks.

And in South America, I was definitely confusing Uruguay, Paraguay, and the Guianas, not to mention Suriname. Actually, I still need a tad of help from Google to put everything up north in order, but I’m definitely (and thankfully) worlds away from ever asking “Uruguay? Is that in… where exactly is Uruguay? Africa?”. Well, to eliminate any doubts, Uruguay is right here:


Sandwiched between two giants, Uruguay has probably remained unknown to many, save for the Simpsons’ fans who watched Homer misread its name as… “U R GAY”, or Argentina guidebook holders that flipped through the last chapter dedicated to… yes, the entire country of Uruguay. It doesn’t get much better than that. After my visit there, all excited, I shared some revelations about this tiny, impressive place with a friend who just looked at me and replied “Really? Uruguay? I thought it’s some poor 3rd world country…”. And not even that! My Uruguayan host, in good humor, told me how amongst Latinos his home country is referred to as an “extension of Argentina” or “the Europeans” and his Spanish misunderstood because of the yeísmo-filled accent.

Let me tell you – this fun-sized country might actually be a pleasant day trip away from Buenos Aires, but it is SO worth staying for longer, and staying in more places than just the touristy, overrated (World Heritage Site nonetheless) Colonia del Sacramento!

There’s definitely enough to intrigue and/or impress you: Uruguay’s population is only 3.3 million, but the vast majority (in the number of 1.8 million) fits in the capital, Montevideo, which is still roughly only one fifth of the area of Buenos Aires (and one tenth of its population… so much more space!). But hey, it’s still not the smallest country in South America!

And have you yet heard of the ‘poorest’ president in the world, who not only lives on a farm (he’s actually a farmer by profession according to Wiki), but gives out 90% of his earnings to charity? Yea, he’s Uruguayan. The president of the most socially liberal democratic country in the whole of Latin America, where same-sex marriage is about to become legal at the beginning of August (even though civil unions were recognized nationally since 2008), abortion has been legalized in 2012, and the possession of drugs for personal use has never been a crime.

More? All museums and cultural centers are free (with very few exceptions), and if you’re about to ask about food – fear not. Uruguay is the number #1 beef consumer in the world beating Argentina not only in steak-eating, but also in the amount of cows per capita in the country. It’s 4 animals per each citizen in Uruguay, while it’s only mere 1.1 cows per an Argentine. This really is a fun fact, though not my favorite, since I’m a vegetarian, but I still did not have any problems getting fed over there, even when we went over to a friend’s friend’s place for dinner.

All I’m saying for now is that everyone deserves a chance. Listen to the stereotypes, put them in your pocket, and go prove all those preachers wrong! I had a curiously amazing time visiting Uruguay, and I am most definitely coming back for a much more elaborate tour – hopefully under the full-blown sun that they carry on their flag.


The perks of being a procrastinator (a.k.a. “busy”)

One pat on the back and I disappear into the ether. Call me a quitter, a lazy bum, or whatever else you want – I’ll excuse myself with being… busy. It will be a white lie, if you will. After a major part of the summer in Guatemala I wandered off back to the great land of North America, picked my Mom from the Boston Logan airport, and took her by hand to explore seven states that to a Polish woman from a relatively small town who has never traveled across the Atlantic represented the United States of America. Starting off with Boston, we followed to Providence (the only real reason being that I live there…), NYC, Niagara Falls, LA, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Denver. Choice and itinerary being mostly subjective and random, it actually took us a month to complete. Only to finish right where I started: college.


I’ll leave those few months out for mostly un-entertaining motives, and the fact that I didn’t get into the travel writing class. Hop, skip, and I finally have a one-way ticket to Poland, and a one-way ticket to Argentina. Since the dates on those two varied by 2 months, and I was actually bound to start a semester of study abroad, I relaxed by ‘skiing’ some in the Tatra mountains, and then decided to visit Uni folks on a mini-tour around main European attractions that I wanted to see. “To see” referring to both the ‘folks’ (or rather dear friends), and, well, attractions. A week in London, a week in Paris, and a week in Barcelona later I was putting my suitcase on a weighing scale praying, per usual, that it does not exceed 23kg. It did.

I’ve been a resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina for over two full months now (OK, jokes, my residency papers haven’t been processed yet – such is bureaucracy. And Argentina). I’ve gone through periods of excitement, tiredness, confusion, inspiration, and you-name-it only to keep yearning for more. Which, again, kept me too ‘busy’ to share my view of this marvel of a city with the world. Now my friends in the US are spamming my Facebook newsfeed with “It’s finals period!” posts while I haven’t yet started midterms… it will get truly miserable by July, when I will be in the major minority of still active, exam-taking students drowning in the sea of vacation and best-internship-of-my-life photos and accounts. 

The irony is that since last summer, like never before, I’ve been travelling with my laptop to destinations filled with Wi-Fi, and took copious cryptic notes on “Stickies”, Post-Its, bills, and flight tickets, only to tell myself “I’ll write it all out tomorrow”. Everyone can guess how that ended. It simply never begun.

 Now I’m lost, because everything on WordPress has changed. Just like me.